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Getting Started With Your Nexar Dash Cam for Your Fleet
Getting Started With Your Nexar Dash Cam for Your Fleet
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This guide is intended for business owners who signed up for Nexar Fleets. It will walk you through how to install and activate your Nexar Fleets dash cam.

The following instructions are for business owners who are using Nexar Fleets. If you are an individual Nexar dash cam user, please check here for installation instructions.

Onboarding Your Nexar Dash Cam

Do not use your Nexar dash cam with the Nexar Classic app. The Nexar Classic app does not support the Nexar Fleets monitoring solution. The app is exclusively intended for individual consumer use with Nexar dash cams. We offer a dedicated dashboard for fleet management purposes where you can effectively monitor your vehicles. Click the following link to access the dashboard:

Keep in mind

Once the dash cam is plugged into a power source, it can take approximately 15-20 minutes to charge and for the activation process to be completed. The dash cam may reboot during this time - nothing to worry about. Once activation is complete, you will hear a voice prompt that confirms this and your dash cam will be ready to use.

1. Unbox the dash cam

Remove the right-side lid where the +Connectivity module will be attached, and the left-side lid where the cabin view camera will be connected.


2. Connect the add-ons

Attach the +Connectivity add-on to the right-hand side of the dash cam and the cabin view camera (if available) on the left-hand side.


3. Connect the mount and cable

Attach the magnetic mount to the road-facing camera, making sure it's firmly connected, then plug the power cable into the power port on top of the mount.


4. Power on the dash cam

Connect the Nexar OBD power adapter to the OBD port or insert the charger into the power outlet, making sure they fit securely. If you have chosen the Nexar hardwiring kit, we recommend seeking professional assistance with the installation.


5. Mount the dash cam and tuck the cable

Remove the protective film on the camera lens. Peel off the backing plastic from the adhesive, then firmly attach the dash cam to the windshield.


6. Hide the cable

Use the installation tool and cable clips provided with the dash cam to hide and secure the cable around the windshield.


You're all set! Start driving safely!

Need help?

You can contact us by clicking this link:

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