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How to Use the Fleets Dashboard Settings Tab
How to Use the Fleets Dashboard Settings Tab
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This guide outlines the features and functions of the Fleets dashboard's Settings Tab.

What Can I See on the Fleets Dashboard Settings Tab?

Here are the options that are available under the Settings tab on the Fleets Dashboard for your Nexar Fleets dash cam:

Email Alerts

On the Fleets Dashboard, you can set up email alerts to where you want to receive notifications of incidents from your Nexar Fleets dash cam. Here are the steps:

1. Click on Email alerts

2. Click the Plus ( + ) icon to add the email addresses for the recipients of the notifications. You can add up to 3 email recipients.


Recording Settings

In this tab on the Fleets Dashboard, you will be able to control the following functionalities of your Nexar Fleets dash cam:

Enabling/disabling the Audio Recording

Enabling/disabling the Camera Sounds

Choose the quality of the video you want to record

Please note that Premium resolution would also result in a slower fetching process due to the video's size. For the full article, click here.

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