Fleets Live Stream
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This guide provides information on the Nexar Fleets Live Stream and its features.

How Do I View the Live Stream of My Nexar Fleets Dash Cam?

When your vehicle is being driven and active, it will show you that the drive is being recorded. You can view the real-time drive by simply clicking the Livestream button on the upper-right portion of the streaming window.

The Livestream will then play. You can switch between camera views from the internal-facing camera to the road-facing camera by toggling the slider.

Switching between camera views during Livestreaming will only be available if you purchased the Internal Facing Camera.

You can also mute and unmute the audio or switch to full screen view from the lower-right corner of the video player.

The options to mute the audio and full screen mode are also available in this feature.gif

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