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How to Request a Video Clip Manually on the Fleets Dashboard
How to Request a Video Clip Manually on the Fleets Dashboard
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This guide outlines instructions for requesting a video clip manually from the Fleets Dashboard.

How to Manually Request a Clip on the Fleets Dashboard?

Here are the steps to manually request a Clip on the Fleets Dashboard for your Nexar Fleets dash cam:

1. Go to the Vehicles tab and choose the specific vehicle for which you want to request a video clip.

2. From the drive history, locate the date and time of the drive and click it. You will see a request clip icon in the middle of each event. When you click it, it will drop down to a menu that has a slider.

3. Use the slider to pinpoint the desired location for the clip. The map provides a visual guide of the vehicle's route, aiding in specifying the exact clip location.

Requesting a Manual Clip.jpg

4. You can also adjust the length of the clip you want to download by toggling the starting point and the endpoint.

You can only request a maximum of 5 minutes for each clip that you are requesting.

5. Click Request Clip after setting the parameters. Wait for the processing to complete.

What to Do to Ensure a Successful Clip Download?

For successful clip download, ensure the dash cam is turned on. The video is extracted directly from the camera, requiring the dash cam to stay on during the extraction process. If the dash cam was off when you made the request, the extraction resumes once the dash cam is turned on.

Once the clip has been processed, you can view the video. It will also appear in the Incidents tab as a manual clip.

appear in the incidents tab as a manual clip.gif

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