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How to Assign a Fleet Driver to a Dash Cam or a Vehicle
How to Assign a Fleet Driver to a Dash Cam or a Vehicle
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This guide provides step-by-step instructions for seamlessly assigning a Fleet Driver to a dash cam or vehicle.

How Do I Assign a Driver to My Nexar Fleets Dash Cam?

To assign a driver to one of your Nexar Fleets dash cam, please follow these steps:

1. On the Fleets dashboard, click the Activity tab

2. Click Assign Driver just to the right of the camera/vehicle name. A side panel will appear on the right

3. Choose the name of the driver you wish to assign to that camera/vehicle

4. Alternatively, you can click Add a Driver at the bottom of the side panel

5. Enter the driver's name, phone number, and email. Make sure you include the country code when entering a driver’s phone number.

Please note that the phone number associated with your Fleet account cannot be used when adding a driver's contact details.

6. Tap Save and close once all the details are entered

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