Nexar Fleets Dashboard on Mobile
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Welcome to our new mobile-friendly fleet dashboard! This guide will show SMB fleet managers, including owner-operators, how to efficiently manage their fleet operations on the go using our V1 mobile version.

Using the Fleet Dashboard From Your Mobile Device

Our mobile-friendly fleet dashboard serves as a powerful tool in various real-life scenarios, enabling fleet managers to enhance their operations and efficiency. Three main use cases where this dashboard proves to be immensely helpful are:

On-the-Field Monitoring: As a fleet manager, you can access real-time information about your vehicles and drivers even while you are on the move. This feature ensures that everything runs smoothly even when you are away from the office.

Efficient Resource Allocation: With the ability to track your fleet's location and status in real time, you can optimize resource allocation. Assigning new jobs to the nearest available vehicle and re-routing to avoid traffic become seamless processes.

Customer Service Improvement: Timely deliveries are crucial in many industries. The mobile dashboard allows you to stay on top of your fleet's progress, enabling you to inform customers accurately about their delivery status and enhancing their overall experience with your company.

Now let's explore the features of our mobile fleet dashboard and learn how to make the most of it.

Logging In

To access the mobile fleet dashboard, follow these simple steps:

1. Open your mobile browser (Safari or Chrome) and enter the URL:

2. The sign-in module will be displayed. Enter your country code and phone number to receive an authentication SMS.

3. Click "Send me the code" and enter the confirmation code you received.

4. The authentication process will be automatic, and you'll be logged into the dashboard.

Please note that our mobile fleet dashboard supports iOS 15 and above on iPhones and Android 11 and above on Android devices. Make sure your device meets these requirements to ensure a smooth experience with our platform.

Map Tab

The Map tab serves as the default view in our mobile-friendly fleet dashboard. It displays all vehicles associated with your fleet, whether parked or in motion. You can easily recenter the view using the "Recenter" button. Additionally, the zoom-in and out buttons allow for seamless navigation of the map. In the upcoming V2 version, we will introduce the Vehicle Information Box, offering quick access to vehicle details directly from the map.

Vehicles Tab and Page

The Vehicles tab lists all fleet-associated vehicles. The search bar and card structure mirror the desktop version, with the driver's name displayed (assigning a driver to a vehicle is not functional). On the Vehicle Page, the header shows the vehicle's name, a back button (โ†), and the Livestream button. The back button returns you to the Vehicles tab, while the Livestream button enables remote streaming for active vehicles only.

Incidents Tab and Page

Our mobile-friendly fleet dashboard's Incidents tab displays incident cards with essential details like vehicle name, time, thumbnail, and type. Clicking on a card leads you to the incident page, offering functionalities such as switching between road and cabin views, full-screen mode, audio recording control, and incident footage download. It enables quick incident identification and effective post-incident analysis for enhanced fleet safety and security.

Live Stream

Livestream is a critical tool on mobile, offering real-time video feeds that enhance your ability to monitor fleet operations and driver activities remotely. With just a simple tap, you gain immediate access to live video footage from their vehicles, providing valuable insights into driving conditions and ensuring driver safety. The ability to switch between different views, such as road and cabin, allows for a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle's surroundings. Additionally, the full-screen mode further enhances the visibility of critical details.

Coming Soon!

We are continuously working to enhance your mobile fleet dashboard experience. In the upcoming V2 version, you can expect the following additional features:

The Driving Route page displays the entire route from start to endpoint

The introduction of the Vehicle Information Box on the map tab provides quick access to vehicle details and real-time information.

Stay tuned for these exciting updates that will further streamline your fleet management on the go.

Happy fleet managing!

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