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Choosing Video Quality and Storage for Optimal Fleet Monitoring
Choosing Video Quality and Storage for Optimal Fleet Monitoring
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Welcome to our user guide for selecting video quality and storage options on Nexar Fleets. This guide aims to help you make informed decisions by providing insights into different dash cam configurations and resolutions available. By referring to the table below, you can evaluate various combinations of video resolution and storage capacities to ensure optimal performance for your fleet monitoring needs. Remember, having lower video quality does not necessarily mean inferior performance; it often provides extended recording hours, making it suitable for specific requirements.

Video Resolution and Storage Capacity Combinations

It is important to highlight that you will have full control and flexibility to update the video quality and recording capacity at any time. By accessing the fleet dashboard and navigating to the main settings screen, you can easily adjust the video quality settings based on their evolving needs and priorities.

Video Resolution




Camera Configuration

Road Only @ 1080p

Road 1080p + Cabin 720p

Road Only @ 720p

Road 720p + Cabin 540p

Road Only @ 540p

Road 540p + Cabin 540p

Internal Memory

128 GB

18 hrs

10.5 hrs

25.5 hrs



85.5 hrs

42.8 hrs

256 GB

38 hrs

22 hrs

53.5 hrs

41 hrs

178.5 hrs

89.3 hrs

512 GB

78.5 hrs

45.5 hrs

110 hrs

84.5 hrs

367 hrs

183.5 hrs

Premium Video Quality Option (Road only @ 1080p)

The High video quality option at 1080p resolution provides excellent clarity for analyzing road conditions. It is ideal for capturing detailed road footage, ensuring optimal visibility, and detailed analysis of events and incidents.

Premium Video Quality Option (Road 1080p + Cabin 720p)

The High video quality option at 1080p resolution for road footage and 720p resolution for cabin footage allows for comprehensive monitoring of both the road environment and cabin activities. This configuration is beneficial for fleets that require detailed insights into driver behavior and cabin interactions.

Standard Video Quality Option (Road only @ 720p) | Recommended

The Medium video quality option at 720p focuses primarily on capturing road conditions while conserving storage space. This option strikes a balance between video quality and storage capacity, providing satisfactory video resolution for most fleet monitoring scenarios.

Standard Video Quality Option (Road 720p + Cabin 540p) | Recommended

The Medium video quality option at 720p resolution for road footage and 540p resolution for cabin footage enables monitoring of the road environment and cabin activities with good video quality. This configuration provides a balance between video clarity and storage capacity.

Basic Video Quality Option (Road only @ 540p)

Nexar Fleets offers several low-video quality options, providing extended recording hours for specific fleet requirements. While the video quality may be lower, these options suit scenarios with longer recording durations. This option captures road footage at 540p resolution, offering basic video quality suitable for general monitoring purposes. By opting for the low video quality option, you can store a maximum of 367 hours of video.

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