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Fleet Dashboard Shows a Manual Clip Failure Alert
Fleet Dashboard Shows a Manual Clip Failure Alert
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This article explains the Nexar dash cam's overwriting mechanism and offers guidance on ensuring you don't miss crucial videos.

The Nexar One dash cam employs an automatic overwrite mechanism to consistently record the most recent footage when the internal memory reaches its storage limit. Older drives are deleted to make way for new ones when the overwriting process is triggered.

Manual Clip Failure Alert

If the video you are accessing from the dash cam has already been overwritten by newer recordings, you'll encounter an error in the dashboard that says "This video is no longer available on your dash cam".


Why Is Manual Clip Creation Failing?

Overwriting drives is a standard process as the dash cam records over older drives to make room for new ones. Nexar One's internal memory has a fixed storage capacity, which accommodates a specific number of recordings at any given time. When the memory becomes full, the dash cam begins deleting videos, starting with the oldest and progressing to the newest.

How Can I Resolve Issues with Manual Clip Creation?

If you're unable to retrieve a needed video from the fleet dashboard and encounter an error message stating, "This video is no longer available on your dash cam", it indicates that the drive you're trying to access has been deleted from the dash cam and is unrecoverable.

Please remember that higher video resolutions demand more storage capacity. For future drives, we recommend reducing the video resolution of your Nexar One by accessing the Video Quality settings. This will increase the number of video recordings the dash cam can store.

You can find more information about choosing the right video resolution for your needs here:

We also recommend creating Clips from important drive recordings immediately to preserve them before they are overwritten. This ensures you'll always have access to these videos in the future.

If you receive this error message for a recent drive recording that should still be available in the dash cam, please stop using the dash cam to prevent overwriting any recorded videos. Then, contact the Fleets Support team as soon as possible.

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