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Dash Cam Is Inactive Inside the Fleets Dashboard
Dash Cam Is Inactive Inside the Fleets Dashboard
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This guide is for when your driver uses the dash cam, but no activity shows in your Fleets dashboard.

Why Is the Dash Cam Showing as Inactive Inside the Fleets Dashboard?

There are several reasons that could account for this situation. In most instances, it signifies a physical problem with the dash cam. However, it could also be linked to other issues.

How Can I Resolve Issues Where the Dash Cam is Showing as Inactive Inside the Fleets Dashboard?

Here's what you can do to troubleshoot when the dash cam is showing as inactive inside the Fleets Dashboard.

1. The foremost consideration is to utilize solely Nexar's original equipment, including the power cable and CLA/OBD/HWK (depending on your order when purchasing the product).
Kindly refrain from directly connecting the dash cam to your USB port or using alternative equipment. If the dash cam does not receive an adequate power level, it will not recharge.

2. Check if the dash cam is powered on and if the light indicator is a steady blue.

3. Ensure that all equipment is functioning correctly and that the dash cam is not swollen or damaged.

4. Confirm that the LTE add-on unit is positioned on the right side of the dash cam, and if you possess an internal facing camera, it should be on the left side of the dash cam, as illustrated in the example below:

If the issue persists, please contact our support team for further assistance. When reaching out to our support team, provide the exact time of a confirmed drive for effective investigation.

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