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Overheating Voice Prompt From the Fleet’s Dash Cam
Overheating Voice Prompt From the Fleet’s Dash Cam
Updated over a week ago

This guide addresses what to do if your dash cam overheats and shuts off.

Why am I Getting Alerted About the Fleets Dash Cam Overheating?

Nexar dash cams incorporate a safety mechanism designed to shut down when overheating occurs due to elevated temperatures. This precautionary measure prevents hardware damage. If the dash cam is connected to a power source, it will automatically restart after 6 minutes. When the temperature cools down, the dash cam will resume normal operations.

For the full article regarding the High-Temperature Protection Alert, click here:

How Can I Prevent the Fleets Dash Cam From Overheating?

If this issue arises at the onset of your drive, it is likely because the engine has been inactive for an extended period, leading to an elevated internal vehicle temperature. Once you commence driving and the air conditioning system engages, the dash cam will reactivate within a few minutes and function as usual.

However, if the problem emerges while driving or without apparent cause, kindly contact our support team for further assistance. When communicating with our support team, please provide the time and date when the dash cam powered off with the accompanying voice prompt. This information will greatly aid our team in conducting a thorough investigation.

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