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Fleets Dashboard’s Video Fetch Is Stuck on “Processing Clip”
Fleets Dashboard’s Video Fetch Is Stuck on “Processing Clip”
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This guide provides instructions on how to resolve issues where the manual retrieval of a ride's video clip gets stuck in the "Processing Clip" stage.

Why Is Video Fetch Getting Stuck on “Processing Clip”?

First and foremost, it's crucial to comprehend that video retrieval is only possible when the dash cam is powered on. If the dash cam is turned off, the "Processing Clip" status will persist until the dash cam is turned on once more. At that point, the process will automatically resume.

Commonly, this issue arises when the uploading process gets stuck due to the unavailability of the video on the dash cam's SD card. The dash cam follows a loop mechanism, which means that as the SD card exhausts its space, it operates based on a "First In, First Out" (FIFO) approach. Recent material supersedes older content.

The capacity of your SD card directly impacts how far back you can retrieve a video. You also have the option to adjust the video quality to economize on storage space.

Further details can be found in the Video and Storage article available here:

How Can I Resolve Video Fetch Being Stuck on "Processing Clip"?

1. Ensure that the video clip you are attempting to retrieve has not been overwritten.

2. Confirm that the dash cam remains operational while attempting to retrieve the clip.

3. Be aware that the retrieval process might take some time, contingent upon the dash cam's cellular reception. Allow approximately 30 minutes after activating the dash cam for the video to be successfully uploaded to the dashboard.

4. Validate with your driver that the dash cam was indeed activated during the ride period for which you are seeking to fetch a video.

5. Verify that you have not exceeded the maximum allowable number of video retrievals from a single ride, which is capped at 8.

If the issue persists, please reach out to our support team and provide the exact time of a confirmed drive for our team to investigate effectively.

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