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Fleets Dashboard
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This article provides a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions on how to use the Fleets dashboard.

Setting Up

How do I access the fleets dashboard?

You may access your Fleets dashboard by going to

After I entered my phone number, I didn’t receive the authentication code.

If you're not receiving the authentication code to login to your Fleets Dashboard, please contact our support team at the phone number +1 929-470-0536 or send an email to

Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST.


How can I rename a camera in the dashboard?

Once you have installed the Nexar Fleets dash cam on a vehicle, you can then edit the information of the dash cam with the vehicle's information on the Fleets Dashboard for your convenience.

Just click on a particular dash cam serial number and tap the pen and paper icon. This will take you to the window where you can personalize and assign the camera to the vehicle where you installed it.

How do I assign a driver to a vehicle?

Inside your Fleets Dashboard, you will see an Assign Driver option right next to the Vehicle/Camera name. Once you click the Assign Driver option, you will see another button that says Add Driver. You will have the option to add the driver’s name, email address, and phone number.

Is it possible to remove a Nexar Fleets dash cam from the Nexar Fleets Dashboard?

Your Nexar Fleets cameras are pre-activated and tied to your Fleets Dashboard. To do that, you will have to request the removal from Nexar’s support team.

Incidents and Manual Clips

How do I view incidents captured by the Nexar Fleets dash cameras?

To view an incident that was captured by the Nexar Fleet dash cam, under the Incidents tab on your Fleets Dashboard, you will see all the history of events that your vehicles have encountered. All incidents will be labeled accordingly from a Collision, Harsh Cornering, Hard Break, and Manual Clips.

Just click on a particular event from the list. You will see that it will bring up a video which you can then play by hitting the play icon in the middle.

Incidents can also be viewed through the vehicle’s history page, inside the ride where it took place.

Can I download and save Nexar Fleets dash cam incident videos for future reference?

Yes, you can download and save incident videos captured by your Nexar Fleets dash cam. To view an incident, just click on a particular event from the list. You will see that it will bring up a video, which you can then play by hitting the play icon in the middle.

A full-screen option is available for your preference and you also have the option to mute or hear the audio.

There is a download option available should you wish to save the video in your local drive. Just click on the download icon and your video will be available for you in a zip file.

How long are the Nexar Fleets incident videos stored in the system?

Any requested clips and automated incidents captured by your Nexar Fleets dash cams are being uploaded to the cloud. Once the video is in the cloud, it will not be deleted.

Monitoring and Tracking

How can I view the drive routes of my fleet's vehicles?

Inside your Fleets Dashboard, you will see the Nexar Fleets dash cams you have activated in the left pane and a map where you will see a representation of the location of the camera the last time they were detected.

From the Activity tab, select the vehicle you want to review, and then you will be routed to the vehicle’s drive history. Each drive history you click will also populate the routes of the vehicle which is represented by the map populated at the right-hand side of the window.

Can I access the live feed from the Nexar Fleets dash cameras in real time?

Yes, you can see the live feed from your Nexar Fleets dash cams real time. Every time you see your vehicle is active and recording, a Livestream option is also available.

Can I receive real-time notifications for incidents or collisions captured by my Nexar Fleets dash cams?

Yes, you can receive real time incident or collision notifications for your Nexar Fleets dash cams. You will be able to set up the email where you wish to receive the notifications. You can find this under More > Safety features > Email alerts in the dashboard.


Is there a capped limit on the number of locations for which notifications can be set up for the Nexar Fleets dash cam?

The maximum allowable number of geofences that can be established for the fleet is limited to 10.

How will I get notified if a vehicle enters/exits a location?

You will be notified by email the moment a vehicle enters or exits a geofence you have set.

When will I get the notifications for the geofences that were set up for my Nexar Fleets dash cam?

The notifications for the geofences for your Nexar Fleets dash cam will be sent to your email. You can configure the Alert Frequency to how often you want to get notified. You can select if you want to get notified in real-time, daily, weekly, or monthly.

What's the procedure for configuring a new location?

To create a new geofence, go to the Geofences section, select Draw Your Geofence, then use the pencil icon to mark the area you want. Tap Done when you're finished. If you need to start over, just tap clear. Remember to connect the starting and ending points to form a complete area.

For the full article on how to use Geofences, click here.

Can I create a geofence and then simultaneously assign it to all my vehicles?

Yes, you can make a single geofence and apply it to all your vehicles.

Will the camera provide a voice prompt to alert me when I enter or exit a specific area?

The camera won't alert you with a voice prompt, but you'll get an email notification when you enter or leave a geofenced area.

If I perform a factory reset, will it have any implications for the existing restrictions?

Please avoid using factory reset to any of your dash cams, unless instructed otherwise by our Support team.

Mobile Experience

Can I access the dashboard from my mobile device for my Nexar Fleets dash cams?

You can access the website using a browser on the phone. For the article related to the mobile experience, please press here.

Is a mobile app required to use Nexar Fleets dash cams?

No, a mobile app is not required to be used with your Nexar Fleets dash cams. The Nexar One dash cams are pre-activated when you receive them. All you need to do is to directly install them to your vehicles and monitor through your Fleets dashboard by logging in to

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