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This article presents a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about the Fleets dash cam hardware.

How do I add multiple Nexar Fleets dash cams to my account?

The first set of Nexar Fleets dash cams you order will be pre-activated. All you need to do when receiving your dash cams is just install them on your vehicle. Once the dash cams are turned on, their battery will start to recharge and once they have sufficient battery (around 20 minutes), they will populate inside your dashboard.

In the event that you would require to add more dash cams, please contact our support team at 929-470-0536. You may also send an email to fleethelp@getnexar.com.

How accurate is the GPS data captured by the dash cams?

The dash cam's GPS module updates every 30 seconds, providing precise location information. The GPS module is integrated directly into the dash cam itself.

​Is it possible to schedule automatic firmware updates for the Nexar Fleets dash cams?

Currently, it is not possible to schedule automatic dash cam firmware updates for the Nexar Fleets dash cams. However, the dash cam itself is designed to automatically update whenever a new firmware version becomes available. This ensures that your dash cam remains up to date with the latest features and improvements.

​How does the Nexar Fleets dash cam handle low-light or night-time recording?

The dash cam system is optimized to perform well in low-light and nighttime conditions. It utilizes advanced technology to enhance visibility and capture clear footage even in challenging lighting situations. You can refer to the image below for example.

low light or night time recording.png

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