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Managing Phone Battery Usage
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This article addresses how to manage battery usage when Nexar Classic consumes more battery than expected or causes your phone to overheat.

What to Do if the App Uses Too Much of Your Phone’s Battery or Causes Your Phone to Overheat?

Nexar Classic's battery consumption can be significant because it uses settings on your phone, such as GPS, WiFi, & Bluetooth simultaneously during recording. Please check our guide and tips below to manage the app's battery consumption:

1. Mount your phone or place it in an area away from direct sunlight and in a stable position to avoid overheating and overworking the phone’s sensors

2. Reduce screen brightness

3. Close apps that are not in use but are active in the background

Managing Nexar Classic’s Battery Consumption for iOS Devices

You can enable the Phone's battery optimization from Nexar Classic by following these instructions:

1. Open Nexar Classic

2. Go to More, then Help, and make sure your app version is 6.7.2 or higher

3. If not, go to the App Store and update the app

4. Go back to More, then Dash cam

5. Enable the Phone’s battery optimization toggle

6. Open the iPhone Settings, then Nexar

7. Toggle on Motion & Fitness

8. Change the Location permission to While using

Enabling the Phone's battery optimization toggle in Nexar Classic will disable the automatic streaming function and your drives will need to be started by tapping the Stream button on the home screen before you start driving.

Continue monitoring Nexar’s battery consumption. If the issue persists, let our support team know you followed the instructions here and send us a screenshot of the app’s battery consumption so we can have it checked.

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