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Introduction to the Fleets Dashboard
Introduction to the Fleets Dashboard
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This guide will walk you through how to use the features of the Nexar Fleets dashboard.

To access your Nexar Fleets dashboard, go to

Where the tr*ck is Bob?

Know exactly where your vehicles are, and where they’ve been. In your Nexar Fleets dashboard, you can see the current location of each fleet vehicle, and whether they’re parked or driving.

Check out the drive history of your vehicles, including detailed drive information and the exact route. Help your drivers optimize routes that they drive frequently.


Curb unnecessary wear and tear

Know when unsafe driving occurs, like hard braking, harsh accelerations, and other monitored driving incidents. Help the members of the team become better drivers and make your vehicles last longer. Watch videos of driving incidents as they happen and use them to coach your drivers. Just click on the Incidents tab to view the videos, including incident data and the vehicle’s identification information.


See what’s happening like you’re riding shotgun

Know exactly what’s going on with your vehicles, drivers, and goods in real-time, by tapping into your dash cams’ crisp live stream. Click Livestream to start watching the road your vehicle is driving on. If you have an interior-facing camera, you can look inside your vehicle too.


Go back in time whenever you want

Do you want to check on something that happened during a drive? No problem. Request short videos of previous drives, as long as they’re still saved on your dash cam’s memory. Pick a video length (between 30 seconds and 5 minutes), and select the portion of your drive using the slider on the left panel (where the drive card is located). Once you request a clip, it will start downloading when your vehicle is driving again. When it’s available you’ll find it in the Incidents tab. Keep in mind, your dash cam saves between 5-40 hours of previous video, depending on your memory size.


Be the first to know when your drivers need you

Choose up to three contacts who will receive an email notification in the event of a collision involving one of your fleet vehicles.


Record who is driving which vehicle

Never wonder who was behind the wheel again. Did you know you can assign drivers to specific fleet vehicles, certain drives, and even to saved incidents? With this feature, you can closely monitor how individual drivers behave on the road. Simply add your drivers to Nexar Fleets, and start assigning them in the dashboard.

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