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Frequently Asked Questions About Nexar Classic and Nexar Dash Cams
Frequently Asked Questions About Nexar Classic and Nexar Dash Cams
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This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about using Nexar Classic and dash cam.

The Nexar Dash Cams

Does the camera still record even if my phone isn't paired or connected?

Yes. If you forgot your phone at home or if your WiFi was disabled while driving, don't worry. The dash cam is still recording onto the SD card/internal memory. You can read here to see how to extract the footage from the dash cam:

The Nexar Pro, Beam, NEXS1, and NEXC1 are the only dash cams that have a removable SD Card. However, the Nexar One and NEXC2 have an internal memory that is not removable. Do not attempt to remove the internal memory from Nexar One and NEXC2, as it can cause damage and void the warranty.

Keep in mind that when driving without a paired smartphone, you'll be missing out on some essential features, such as Nexar Cloud automatic backup for dangerous events, 1-Click-Report that you can submit to your insurer in the case of an accident, and more.

Do I need to turn the camera on each time I use it?

Nope. If it’s plugged into a vehicle (connected to its power source), the camera should turn on automatically when you start your vehicle and turn off when you switch off your vehicle's power.

Does the camera record 24/7?

The camera will only record when it receives power, typically when the engine is on. Please note that even if your vehicle receives power 24/7, your camera will only record for an extra 30 minutes after you turn off your engine before it turns off because you aren't driving, and the camera is stationary.

My Nexar dash cam has been stolen. Can I track its location?

We're sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, the Nexar Pro, Beam, NEXC1, NEXC2, and NEXS1 dash cams cannot be remotely tracked when disconnected from the app.

However, if you own a Nexar One dash cam with an active Nexar Connect subscription, you can use the remote live stream feature as long as it has enough battery to remain powered on, if unplugged. Simply tap the Live button on Nexar Classic to track the camera's location.

Can my Nexar dash cam detect a license plate?

Nexar dash cams do not have the capability to detect license plates. However, they are equipped to record in high resolution of up to 1080p, and up to 4k resolution for Nexar One, which may capture the license plate details.

For optimal resolution, we recommend either creating a Clip while Nexar Classic is connected to the Nexar dash cam via Bluetooth and WiFi, or retrieving the video directly from the dash cam's SD card/internal memory, if you own a Nexar Pro, Beam, NEXC1, NEXC2, or NEXS1 dash cam.

It's important to keep in mind that video quality may vary due to factors such as weather conditions and lighting.

Can I mount my Nexar dash cam on the vehicle's dashboard?

The Nexar dash cam is designed to be mounted on the windshield of your vehicle on an upright position. If you choose to mount it upside down on the dashboard, you'll end up with videos that are upside down and cannot be adjusted for proper viewing.

Additionally, this may potentially harm the dash cam's internal sensors. Therefore, we strongly advise against mounting the Nexar dash cam in this manner, as it may cause permanent damage and affect its performance. To ensure optimal results and the longevity of your dash cam, please follow the recommended mounting instructions.

The Nexar Classic

Is there a monthly fee to use Nexar Classic and dash cam?

As of April 2nd, 2024, we introduce a new subscription plan for Nexar Classic that enables access to all Nexar features including Unlimited Cloud Storage for clips and incidents, Parking Mode feature, and convenient access to drive recordings.

For the initial year, the subscription is complimentary, and thereafter it's $1.99 per month, billed annually.

I’m an Old User of Nexar Classic. Do I Need to Subscribe?

No. Users who have been using Nexar Classic before April 2nd, 2024 will not be required to subscribe.

What are Drives and Clips?

Drives are video recordings of the entire trip, which are captured by Nexar Classic and dash cam, while Clips are shorter portions of the Drives or short videos of incidents that happened while driving or parked.

Can I use other apps on my phone while using Nexar Classic and dash cam?

Yes, you can use other apps on your phone while using Nexar Classic and dash cam. However, please ensure that these apps do not use WiFi to connect to other devices in your vehicle and do not interfere with the WiFi connection to the dash cam. If you intend to use CarPlay or Android Auto while driving, we recommend using a wired connection. More information on this topic can be found here:

Can I use my vehicle's WiFi hotspot while the Nexar dash cam is connected to my phone?

Unfortunately not. You can only connect your phone to one WiFi network at a time.

Can I change the orientation of my Nexar videos?

Video recording orientation cannot be changed. However, you can view the videos in full-size landscape orientation on Nexar Classic by rotating your phone sideways.

The Nexar OBD Kit

How does the Nexar OBD Kit work?

The Nexar OBD Kit is a plug-and-play power adapter designed to provide continuous power specifically to your Nexar One dash cam. It connects to your vehicle's On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port to ensure your dash cam remains operational without interruption.

What are the benefits of using an OBD kit?

By installing the OBD Kit, your Nexar One dash cam will have uninterrupted power, allowing it to stream footage to your phone remotely and provide notifications about parking incidents 24/7.

This installation method also helps maintain a neat dashboard appearance by eliminating the need for additional power cables or adapters. In addition, with the OBD Kit in place, your vehicle's 12V power socket remains available for other uses.

How does the Nexar OBD Kit affect Nexar One's features?

The OBD Kit ensures that Nexar One's features can operate continuously without any power interruptions. This means you can take full advantage of Nexar Connect and receive real-time notifications for parking incidents and other events.

What is the difference between OBD Kit and Hardwiring Kit?

While both the OBD Kit and Hardwiring Kit offer continuous power to your Nexar One dash cam, they have different installation methods. The OBD Kit is designed to connect to your vehicle's OBD port, providing plug-and-play convenience and leaving your dashboard uncluttered. In contrast, the Hardwiring Kit requires a more complex installation process, as it connects to your vehicle's fuse box and may be considered a more permanent solution.

Does the Nexar OBD Kit require continuous power?

Yes, the Nexar OBD Kit is designed to provide continuous power to your Nexar One dash cam, ensuring it remains operational and can deliver its full range of features. This uninterrupted power supply is crucial for Nexar Connect and real-time notifications, especially for parking incidents.

Purchase Questions

Do you offer trade-ins for Nexar dash cams?

Currently, we do not offer trade-in services.

Do you have a rear camera?

We do not offer rear cameras at the moment.

Do you ship outside the US?

Nexar dash cams are currently available only in the United States.

Where can I buy an extra mount so I can transfer the camera from one car to another?

You can purchase an extra Nexar mount in our Accessories page:

If the mount/accessory you need isn't listed there, please contact our Support team by sending an email to

I'm ready to purchase. Where can I buy a Nexar dash cam?

To purchase any Nexar dash cam, please visit our official shop at

Other Questions

I want to collaborate with you. Who do I talk to?

If you wish to collaborate with us, please send us an email at with your social handles and our team will reach out to you shortly.

How can I update my billing information for my Rideshare Protect subscription?

Please contact our support team at, and our team will be happy to assist you with the changes.

How can I cancel my Rideshare Protect subscription?

We're sorry to hear that you want to cancel your subscription. To assist you, please email our support team your details at

What's your return and refund process?

If you wish to return the dash cam for a refund within our 30-day return policy, both the camera and the prepaid subscription will be eligible for a refund. However, if the return falls outside of the 30-day period, refunds will not be issued for either the camera or the prepaid subscription.

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