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Signing Up & Navigating The Nexar Connect App
Signing Up & Navigating The Nexar Connect App
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This article will guide you through using the Nexar Connect app, covering topics from downloading and signing up to navigating its different parts and features.

Welcome to Nexar! Here's an easy guide for signing up and getting a quick view of what's inside the Nexar Connect app.

The app is exclusively intended for individual consumer use with Nexar Connected dash cams. If your Nexar dash cam is under Nexar Fleet Solution, click here.

How to Sign Up or Sign In to the Nexar Connect App?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to sign up to the Nexar Connect app:

Important Note: Please ensure that you're in an area with strong cellular reception before signing up for the Nexar Connect app. Otherwise, you might encounter onboarding and activation errors.

1. Download the Nexar Connect app from the Apple App Store for IOS devices and Google Play Store if you have an Android device.

Please note that the Nexar Connect app is different from the Nexar Classic app. For easier identification, here's a comparison of their app icons:

2. Enter your phone number and tap Continue to get a verification code via SMS.

3. Enter the verification code.

4. If you are a new user, you will be directed to the Sign up screen where you need to enter your full name and email address. For users with an existing account, you can directly select the dash cam you wish to onboard.

Once you are in the app, simply follow the on-screen instructions to link your Nexar Connected dash cam to the app. If you need more help, check out this article.

Having Trouble Signing Up and Logging in to the Nexar Connect App?

Check our help guides below in case you encounter issues logging in to the Nexar Connect app.

What to Do if I Didn’t Receive the SMS Verification Code?

You should get the SMS verification code not long after you requested it, but if you did not receive one, please check the following:

1. Ensure that your country code is entered before the phone number

2. Make sure you are using a phone number that is registered in a supported country and is currently located in a supported country. You can check out the list of supported countries here.

3. Make sure you’re in a location with good cellular service, as the verification code will be sent via SMS message.

4. If your phone has VPN, security, or antivirus software enabled, it may interfere with the message containing your SMS verification code. Make sure to disable them while we send you the text message.

5. Make sure your cellular service provider is not blocking short codes from Nexar. If they are, please ask them to unblock it for you. This will ensure you will get SMS verification codes from Nexar whenever you need to log in to the app.

You can only make a maximum of 5 requests within a 30-minute period before the system locks you out for 24 hours. If you haven't received the code after a couple of attempts, please email our support team at for assistance.

What if I Received the Verification Code, but It’s Saying It’s Not Valid?

If the verification code you received is not working even if you're sure you've entered it correctly in the Nexar Connect app, please do the following:

1. Check the verification code you entered and make sure all the digits are correct.

2. Request a new verification code from the app.

3. Try logging in again using the new code.

Note that the SMS verification code expires 5 minutes after it is requested. It’s best to enter the code as soon as you receive it.

If the issue persists, please reach out to our support team for further assistance.

How to Navigate the Nexar Connect App?

Map Screen

The Map is the main page of the Nexar Connect app. It is the first screen you will see after logging into the app.

When entering the Nexar Connect app, the map will display the last known location of your dash cam. If you own more than one dash cam, they will all be shown on the map with their location.

While driving, the map view will follow the selected dash cam’s route, centered in the middle of the screen.

Dash Cam Status Bar

The status bar indicates the dash cam model, the camera's connectivity state, and the serial number of the device (which you can change to your car's name).

Nexar Connected Dash Cam's Statuses

  • Driving - The Driving status appears when you are connected to your dash cam and your car is on the move.

  • Parked - When the status is Parked, it means the Nexar Connect app is not connected to the camera and your dash cam has entered parking mode.

  • Idle - The Idle status indicates that your car has not moved for a certain period, but you are still connected to your dash cam.

Dash Cam Location Indicator

The dash cam location indicator has three colors signifying the status of your car:

  • Driving - Purple with ring

  • Parked - Gray

  • Idle - Purple

Live Button

Tapping the Live button initiates the Remote Streaming Feature for Nexar Connected dash cams. To stop the stream, simply tap the End livestream button.

Activity Screen

The Activity tab is your dash cam’s video library. Full drives, clips, and incidents captured by the dash cam are displayed here in chronological order, showing your latest drive at the top and clips labeled by their type.

By entering a card, you can easily play, save, and share important moments with your loved ones.

Clips and Drive Cards

Drives are the videos of your entire trip, whereas Clips are short videos that have been either automatically created or that you have manually created.

Manual clips will be labeled as Clip in your timeline, while incidents your dash cam detected automatically are labeled by the incident type: Hard Brake, Acceleration, Parking, Collision, etc.

Clips are backed up on your Cloud account permanently unless you choose to delete them manually.

Access Button

We understand that sometimes you would need to view and download the drives recorded in your dash cam's internal memory. To do this, tap the Access button on the Activity tab and connect to your dash cam's wifi. Once connected, you'll see a list of all your drives.

Incidents Screen

The Incidents screen lists all segments of a drive where an incident was recorded. These incidents are saved in the cloud server so users can play them in the Nexar Connect app as long as their phone is connected to the internet, even when they are away from the dash cam.

Incidents reflected in the cards include the following: Hard Brake, Acceleration, Parking, Collision, etc.

More Tab

We want you to be able to configure the settings on your Nexar Connect app seamlessly. You can do this by tapping on the More tab. Here you can manage your device and subscription, add and delete emergency contacts, and more.

Dash Cam Stream

On the Dash Cam Stream screen, you'll be treated to a live, real-time view directly from your camera, allowing you to make precise adjustments and fine-tune the camera’s position to capture the perfect angle

Emergency Contacts

In the Emergency contacts screen, you can add contacts you wish to be notified in case of collision. They will receive an SMS alert and a link to live stream your dash cam's view in real-time. They will also be able to track your vehicle’s location and contact you.

Add an emergency contact by clicking on the Add emergency contact and supplying the required information. Remove an emergency contact by clicking on the trash icon next to the contact’s name.

Device Management

On the Device Management screen, you can see all the Nexar dash cams linked to your account. To view the videos stored on your dash cam's internal memory, tap on that specific device.

Meanwhile, if you want to associate another device with your account, just tap on Add a new dash cam and follow the on-screen instructions.


Under Settings, you can manage how your camera works and interacts with the Nexar Connect app. The settings you set will apply to all of the Nexar Connected dash cams in your account.

Recording Quality

In the Recording quality screen, you can adjust the video quality of your Nexar Connected dash cams based on your preferences or storage needs. By default, Nexar One and Nexar beam2 record videos in Standard quality, but you can also choose Basic and Premium.

Audio Recording

In Audio recording, you can set whether you wish to record sounds within the vehicle.

On/Off Sounds

You can use the On/off sounds toggle to enable or disable sounds when powering on or turning off your dash cams.

Parking Mode

On the Parking mode screen, you can manually turn on Parking mode notifications for your Nexar Connected dash cams. Once this is turned on, you will be allowed to calibrate the Parking mode sensitivity of your device depending on your expected parking situations.

Data Sharing

By turning on Data sharing, you're allowing Nexar to use anonymized data to identify safety risks on the road as you drive.

If you want to close your account, get a copy of your data, or delete your data permanently, you can also find the instructions on the Settings screen.


When you click on Subscription, you'll be redirected to the MyNexar page where you can manage your subscriptions, update your payment methods, etc.


From the Support screen, you can access Nexar's help center or contact the support team for any concerns.

Log Out

If you wish to log out of your account, simply tap on the logout button.

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