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Setting up Your Nexar One
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This guide is intended for individuals who bought the Nexar One for personal use. It will walk you through how to connect and onboard your Nexar One with the Nexar Connect app.

If you are a business owner who signed up for Nexar Fleets, please refer to the installation instructions provided here. If your Nexar dash cam came from your Insurance provider, please see our installation guide here.

Connecting and Onboarding Your Nexar One with the Nexar Connect App

To connect or onboard your Nexar One with the Nexar Connect app, check out this great installation video or read the steps below.

Important reminder

The Nexar Connect app supports all devices operating on Android 10 and above, as well as iOS 15.4 and above. The app also works best with a phone number that is registered in a supported country.

1. Download the Nexar Connect app and sign up

​The Nexar Connect app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Click the appropriate link below to download and sign up:

Please note that only Nexar dash cams with LTE capacity are compatible with the Nexar Connect app. This includes the Nexar One and the Nexar beam2.

Standard Nexar dash cams without LTE capability, such as the Nexar Pro, Nexar Beam, NEXS1, NEXC1, and NEXC2, use the Nexar Classic app.

To easily distinguish between the two apps, here are their app icons:

2. Connect the add-ons

Attach the +Connectivity add-on to the right-hand side of Nexar One and the cabin view camera (if available) on the left-hand side.


3. Connect the mount and cable

Attach the magnetic mount to the road-facing camera, making sure it's firmly connected, then plug the power cable to the power port on top of the mount.


4. Power on the Nexar One dash cam

Connect the Nexar OBD power adapter to the OBD port or insert the charger into the power outlet, making sure they fit securely. If you have chosen the Nexar hardwiring kit, we recommend seeking professional assistance with the installation.


5. Open the Nexar Connect app

After your Nexar One has been turned on, open the Nexar Connect app and follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure that the phone's cellular data, WIFI, and Location are enabled when setting up the Nexar Connect app.

6. Mount the Nexar One and tuck the cable

Remove the protective film on the camera lens. Check the camera view on the Nexar Connect app and position it where you have a full, clear view of the road and cabin (if cabin-view is available). Peel off the backing plastic from the adhesive, then firmly attach the camera to the windshield.


7. Hide the cable

Use the installation tool and cable clips provided with the Nexar One dash cam to hide and secure the cable around the windshield.


You're all set! Start driving safely!

Having Trouble Onboarding Your Nexar One?

Use our troubleshooting instructions for Nexar One to help you in fixing issues in case you get into a bumpy road.

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