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Frequently Asked Questions About the Nexar One Dash Cam
Frequently Asked Questions About the Nexar One Dash Cam
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This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about using the Nexar One dash cam and some of its main features.

The Nexar One Dash Cam

How is Nexar One different than other Nexar dash cams?

Nexar One records in 4k with the premium Sony Starvis sensor, providing rich and color-balanced video. With the Nexar Connect subscription, you will be able to remotely stream your dash cam’s video and receive live alerts in case of a parking incident, a break-in, or a collision.

Is Nexar One compatible with my phone?

The Nexar Connect app is compatible with all iPhones (iOS version 15.4 and above) and top Android phones (OS version 10).

How does Nexar provide its connectivity?

Nexar Connect is powered by a sim card that operates on multiple carrier networks including ATT, Verizon and T-Mobile and will choose the carrier network based on location and signal strength.

Does Nexar One record 24/7?

No, the Nexar One does not record 24/7, but it automatically enables parking mode when you're no longer driving. When an impact is detected, the Nexar One is instantly activated and begins recording. With the +Connectivity add-on and the Nexar Connect subscription plan, you can receive live alerts and watch what’s going on remotely.

Can I use my current Nexar dash cam as a rear camera for Nexar One?

The Nexar One does not have rear camera capabilities yet. All Nexar dash cams are meant to be installed in front of the vehicle.

Can I upgrade Nexar One’s internal memory if I need more space?

No, the internal memory cannot be upgraded or reconfigured and is set once you purchase the Nexar One. We also strongly discourage opening the dash cam and switching the internal memory, as this will void your dash cam's warranty. If you'd like to record your drives in 4K quality, we recommend choosing a model with a higher memory capacity.

I don’t want to leave my Nexar One dash cam in my car, can I take it out?

Yes, Nexar One is made to easily detach and reattach to your car when you want to. Although, we recommend keeping it on the vehicle so that it can still detect and record parking incidents when you're not driving.

It gets very hot (or cold) where I live, can the Nexar Ones stand that heat?

Yes, Nexar One was designed to operate in extreme temperatures and can withstand temperatures from 14° to 140°F (-10° to 60°C ).

My Nexar One dash cam has been stolen. Can I track its location?

We're sorry to hear that. If you own a Nexar One dash cam with an active Nexar Connect subscription, you can use the remote live stream feature as long as it has enough battery to remain powered on, if unplugged. Simply tap the Live button on the Nexar Connect app to track the camera's location.

Do you have suction cup mounts for Nexar One?

Currently, we do not offer suction cup mounts for Nexar One. The sticker mount provides a secure and reliable attachment to your vehicle's windshield, ensuring a strong and lasting adhesion to your windshield even during sudden movements.

Is Nexar One's Hardwire Kit compatible with my vehicle?

Determining the compatibility of Nexar One's Hardwire Kit with your vehicle involves checking the specifications and electrical system of your car. The Hardwire Kit is designed for use with standard 12V vehicles. For detailed instructions and information, please refer to the user manual which you can find here:

The manual provides comprehensive guidance to help you assess compatibility with your specific vehicle model.

I'm ready to purchase. Where can I buy a Nexar One dash cam?

To purchase any Nexar dash cam, please visit our official shop at

Nexar Connect

Why should I get a Nexar Connect subscription?

The +Connectivity add-on and Nexar Connect subscription allow you to access connected features like stream live video from the Nexar One dash cam to your phone wherever you are, locate your vehicle, and receive real-time alerts in case of a collision, a parking incident, or a break-in.

Can I receive Nexar One live alerts without a Nexar Connect subscription?

No. Live alerts, vehicle location tracking and remote streaming require the +Connectivity add-on and an active Nexar Connect subscription.

How much does it cost to get the live alerts with a Nexar Connect subscription?

The Nexar Connect subscription costs $9.99/mo and requires the +Connectivity add-on. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Can I cancel my Nexar Connect subscription?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. Your subscription will be canceled on your next billing cycle.

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