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All About Nexar One Features
Updated over a week ago

Get to know more about our most advanced, most feature-packed dash cam yet - The Nexar One.

Unlock unique Nexar One features that will take your driving to the next level. Are you excited to explore the full potential of your Nexar One? Let's dive in!

4K Resolution

4K Resolution produces ultra-high definition videos that allow you to see the smallest details such as license plate numbers, day or night, which is critical if you need evidence in case of incidents or when you want to capture that beautiful sunset.

If you configured your Nexar One to record in 4K quality, the footage will be saved on Nexar One’s internal memory in 4K.

When the video is successfully transferred to the Nexar Connect app, you will be able to see it as a Clip in the Activity tab.

Nexar Connect Subscription

Nexar Connect Subscription allows you to connect with your Nexar One dash cam even when you’re not next to it.

This gives your Nexar One added features such as:

  • Track your car's live location on a map.

  • Remotely connect to your Nexar One and stream video anytime and anywhere.

  • Live stream the road camera view from your Nexar Connect app if something happens to your car while parked.

  • Know that your emergency contacts will get an alert and a live stream when something happens.

  • Backup important clips to the cloud.

Remote Live Streaming

With the Remote Live Stream feature, you can conveniently view the exterior camera in real-time, even when you're not behind the wheel. Simply open the Nexar Connect app and watch the road camera view for up to 2 minutes.

This feature is powered by Nexar Connect subscription and is created to provide you peace of mind 24/7.

The Live button will be shown when you are not connected to the Nexar One, over WiFi, and if you have a +Connectivity add-on with an active Nexar Connect subscription.

Clicking the Live button wakes up your Nexar One and allows you to stream while the vehicle is parked and the dash cam is off.

Emergency Streaming Alerts

If you are ever in a collision, the Nexar Connect app will send an SMS alert to your emergency contacts telling them that you need help. It will show your location and a link to live stream your Nexar One’s view in real-time.

Your Emergency Contacts will get notified when the Nexar Connect app detects a high impact on your vehicle such as collision.

This feature is part of your Nexar Connect Subscription.

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